Husband says my breasts aren’t stiff anymore

September 14, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I have tried to write to you before, but I did not complete the letter. My husband ticked me off again, so I have decided to write to you.

I am in my 40s and I have three children. As of late, my husband is always criticising me and telling me that my breasts are not firm and I need to do something about them.

I told him that when he first met me, he had no criticism of my breasts, and if they are not firm now, it is because I am not the young girl that he met.

I also told him that he has contributed to my having sagging breasts because he has played with them very hard.

My husband loves breasts, and he would suck them all night if I would allow him. Even when I fall asleep, this man sucks my breasts like a baby.

It is unfair for him to say that my breasts are sagging. Having got that out of the way, I would like to ask you what I can do to make my breasts firm. Is there anything that can be done?

I stand before the mirror and I can see that even one is a little bigger than the other. Please for your response. Will plastic surgery solve the problem?


Dear R.E.,

Your husband should know that you are not the young girl he met with perky breasts. He had no complaints then. You say that he sucks your breasts very hard, like a baby.

Perhaps, but he should be willing to accept you today just as you are. What you probably should do is to wear the type of brassiere that will help to keep your breasts firm.

You are not a girl in her teens, so by wearing fitting brassieres you'd give your breasts the type of support that might make them somewhat perkier.

No man should embarrass his wife because she doesn't have firm breasts. Even common sense should tell him that as you get older, the tissues of your breasts will lose elasticity, and nothing stays the same. You say your husband likes to play with your breasts, and he might have even contributed to the sagging of the breasts; that I cannot comment on.

But what I can say to you is, you should not give any thought of having plastic surgery done to your breasts to make them firm.

Research has shown that saggy breasts can be caused by ageing, menopause and other factors. Tell your husband that you are not ashamed of your breasts.

A good man will not give his wife the impression that he is embarrassed by her having something in her life or on her body that she has no control over.


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