My boyfriend has girls galore in the US

October 08, 2020

Dear Pastor,

This is the first time I am writing to you and I hope you can help me. I am 28 years old and I have a problem that is bothering me. My boyfriend is 31.

When I met him and we became friends, he had fathered one child before that. But he and his child's mother were not getting along. I knew the whole situation. I checked it out.

I did not want him to tell me one story and I was not hearing from the other side. So, I had him call the girl on the phone. He put the call on speaker and all three of us had a civil conversation. She told me that she was moving on but it was not because of me. She said that she never really loved him and the pregnancy was a mistake.

Now she has gone back to her boyfriend, who was her original boyfriend, so I can have this man. She knew that she had broken his heart because he loves her.

But she would not give up her daughter. So this man and I got closer. But here I am writing to you, so you know that something has gone wrong. Pastor, my boyfriend got a job in the US.

I went to see him but I found something strange. I helped him to get his apartment in shape. He is making much more money than I am. I was with my boyfriend for two weeks and I had to be begging him to make love to me.

After spending a week and a half, I felt like leaving. Girls would come to his apartment non-stop, and he was not like that when he was living in Jamaica.

All he can tell me is that they are his friends. I don't believe him. They are more than ordinary friends. He tells me that I am too jealous. But it is not that I am jealous.

I see that I have lost this man to these other women. One of these girls who is Puerto Rican, she knew that this was my man and when she visited him she sat on his lap right in front of me. Whatever she ate, she pushed some food in his mouth and all he could say is "why don't you behave yourself?" I know my boyfriend cannot resist a girl like that, and to make matters worse, they are working together in the same organisation.

Before I left the US, I told him the relationship was over. He said that I must be joking, but I said that I was not joking. I said I am out of it. Do you think I was wrong to leave him?


Dear I.C.,

I suggest that you keep your word and end the relationship with this silly man. He has absolutely no respect for you. If he did, he would have told his friends that you are his 'wife'.

The only thing that he has not done as yet is to make the relationship official by marrying you. If so many women could visit him and this hot Puerto Rican girl could sit on his lap and feed him while you were right there, she would do much more behind your back. So, don't go any further in this relationship, and that's the end of this story as I see it.


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