My wife no longer sleeps with me

October 15, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I am living in America. I have been married for almost two years. I have been living with my wife for three years. In the first year of our marriage she cheated on me and I found out. I forgave her. But there are problems in this relationship.

Pastor, she argues with me almost every day. She called me unpleasant names and she keeps lying to her child's father, telling him that we are not in a relationship and we are not living together.

She does not sleep with me any more, she sleeps on the couch, and that has been going on for more than three months. We have sex sometimes, but we do not make love. I do not know what to do, I am stressed out. I have been going through this for a long time. I need your advice.


Dear R

I hope by now that you have made up your mind about what you should do. Regrettably, you got married to this woman, and it is a mistake you will never forget. I don't think I need to tell you that this woman does not love you and that is why she lied to her child's father by telling him that the both of you are not in a relationship.

Furthermore, she feels very comfortable sleeping on the couch because she doesn't love you, it is only a matter of time before she leaves the house permanently. It might be convenient for her to stay there because by doing so she does not have to pay all the bills that she would have to if she was on her own.

Brother, she consents to have sex with you to keep you as quiet as possible, but she does not enjoy the act. That is why you can say that the both of you have sex but you don't make love. You understand the difference. How much longer are you going to tolerate having this woman making a fool of you? She doesn't respect you and she has other men in her life. Without having a fight with her, ask her quietly to go. And to do so as soon as possible. My prayers are with you.


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