Concerned about my breasts size

November 30, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I am 15 years old and I am embarrassed about my breasts. They are very, very small. I look at some girls who are my age and they have much larger breasts. Some of them laugh at me and ask me why my breasts are so small. I don't have any good answers for them.

Is there anything you can tell me? Why, at 15 years of age, are my breasts so small? I was told that I can buy padded brassieres and they would cause my breasts to look larger. I don't know if that would be a correct thing to do.

Please give me your advice.


Dear D.,

I was told that having small breasts are not a matter that you should fret about because women can do different things to enhance the size of their breasts. Women can buy padded brassieres that give the impression that your bra size is larger than they actually are.

You need not fret over the size of your breasts. As you grow, you will learn how to dress, and people looking at you will not realise that you have very small breasts.

Your mother, or whoever you are living with, should know how to shop for you and what type of brassiere you need to wear. Wearing padded brassieres would improve your self-confidence.


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