Sick and tired of my worthless dad

December 29, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I want to show my deepest thanks and gratitude for your prayer towards me. I wrote to you some time ago, telling you that I was a 16-year-old who was in need of a job.

I am now blessed with a cashier job, which I have on the weekends. This means that I still have time for school, but I also must admit that from I began working, my schoolwork has suffered a bit.

The problem I am now having is with my father. Ever since I started to work, he hardly gives me anything, and if I ask him for something, his reply is: "I don't have any money", or I should go and ask my mother.

Pastor, from before I even dreamt to get a job, I must boast about my mom because she is the best. Sometimes tears come into my eyes when she give us her last money to go to school, not having a clue as to what will be our dinner. If it means cooking rice with a half-stick of butter, she cooks it for us. I respect her to the very ground she walks on because whenever she has money, there's no second-guessing when it comes towards her kids. I am also happy that she didn't let her hard times allow her to sell herself, or put us out to make money, as many parents in our community do with their children.

When I was younger, my mother had to take my father to court for child support. I regret it, even though I was unaware of what was happening. Now that I am much older, I understand, and I wish I did not know him. Whenever I work, I would give my mother money for her to buy food for the family.

My room has no door, so whenever my father visits our home, he would take a shower and use my lotion, deodorant and my perfumes that I work and buy. He is walking around and telling people how much he paid for my CXC examination fees. Thank God for the Government, because the only money I paid towards my CSEC exams was $1,000, I have my receipt to prove that at any time.

There are a lot of people out there in need of children and can't get any, and some have 10 and their fathers play a good role in their lives. This man only has one and is depending on me to buy things for him to use. I feel like doing something to damage him. But then again, he is my father, I would not want the Lord to pour any bad blessings on me.

I am tired of this man using my things. I am at the point where I don't even like to see him, and he does not live with me. Whenever he comes here, he just walks straight into my room without saying that he is entering. I can be naked or anything.

I am not saying that he should be pouring out his money on me, because we are in difficult times, but not even once in a while, and I am his only child. I try to be strong sometimes, but there are times I can't because I don't deserve this kind of treatment.

Please do not ignore my letter. I keep reading THE STAR every day, looking forward to your response. I would love to share something else with you, but I will do so another time.


Dear M.,

First of all, let me say that you are to continue to give thanks to God for your mother. She is a wonderful lady. Please give her any help that you can, and if your father ever needs help, you can assist him too.

Your father does not have good manners. He should not just walk though your room without indicating that he is coming through. He also has no business using your things without asking.

I am glad that you are working. Don't allow anything to prevent you from doing well in school. You need a good education.


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