Sister slept with my brother-in-law for money

December 30, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I read your letters every day and I want to share something with you. I am 29 years old and I am married. I have a sister who is 31 years old. I live in Kingston and she lives in the west.

She came to Kingston to stay with me for a few days. When she came, she told me about her financial problems and she asked me whether my husband would give her a loan. I told her not to put her confidence in that because my husband is broke and he does not have any money. She told me that she wanted to borrow only $26,000, and she was offered a job for the new year. She asked me if I believed that my brother-in-law, who is my husband's brother, would give her a loan. I told her she could try. Now I look back, and I am sorry I told her so because this man has two children and living is with their mother. She spoke to him and he picked her up and where he took her, I cannot tell, but he did not bring her back to our house.


Neither did he go home to his children's mother. She came back to the house three days after he picked her up. I asked her if she got the money and she said yes. She gave the impression to her man in the west that she was with us all along, but she was not.

My husband says that she is not easy. He could not be with a woman like that. I do not know if he told his brother's girlfriend. But my sister should know that what she is doing is not right. And I hope my brother-in-law did not get her pregnant.

According to my husband, his brother 'worked her over' for three days so she wouldn't have to pay him back that money. I feel so ashamed to know that is what she did as a sister.


Dear A.,

Sometimes brothers fall in love with sisters. But it does not seem as if your sister fell in love with this man at all. She behaved as if she was on a hustling and so she probably hustled the money from your husband's brother.

Your husband knows exactly what she did to get that money. You feel ashamed of her behaviour but your sister does not feel that there is anything to be ashamed of. She knows that you will not tell her boyfriend in the west that she did not stay with you the whole time. My suggestion to you is that you keep your sister far away from your husband.


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