Caught Joe in my house

February 19, 2021

Dear Pastor,

It has been a long time that I have been reading your column and you have been very helpful to me. It was by listening to you on the radio that I learned how not to waste money.

I used to have a girlfriend and whenever I gave her money, she would waste all of it. She would not save any and she was always borrowing from the neighbours. Even salt she would run out of. We have two children together and she would not tidy them. They would be in the same dirty clothes all day. Every day she would bought credit to put on her phone. I told her that she should go back to school, but she didn't show any interest in that. She liked to gamble so I cut back on the amount of money I used to give her, and that worthless girl became friendly with one of the men who was working as a construction worker near to where we live. It was one of the men who works on a garbage truck who told me that she was giving me bun with this man.

I went home early one day and found the man in my house without his shirt on, and she could not explain to me what he was doing in the house and why he did not have any shirt on.

That tells me, Pastor, that he was preparing for action to go to bed with her. I noticed also that there was $2,000 on the table. She thought that I did not see the money. The money came from the man.

After finding out that she was giving me bun, I told her that she would have to leave. Pastor, it is hard to work and have a woman blow your money. She went away leaving the children with me, but my mother is taking care of them. It has been over a year now and I just started talking to another woman who is older than I am. I hope this relationship will work. I think it will because she is working, and we put money together and pay the bills. Whenever she buys stuff for the children, she takes them to my mother. My mother loves her grandchildren.

So far, I have not encountered any problems with this woman. She knows that I am watching her, and I know she is watching me, but I believe we will make it together. I will never go back to my children's mother.


Dear P.,

Evidently your children's mother is not ambitious. Some people would describe her as worthless. She doesn't have any ambition. She didn't take any pride in keeping the children clean.

If she had water problems, she could tidy the children at least two times a day. I think it was the right thing to tell this woman to leave. Some people like to gamble. I have always said that I am not going to condemn gamblers, but it is not a very good habit and many lives are being ruined by gambling.

I hope your children's mother would come to her senses. What was this man doing in your house? And he didn't have on a shirt. Your children's mother is a bad woman. It is better for her to go. The relationship that you are having with another woman is still very young. I hope the both of you truly love each other. Both of you should plan, save and invest together. And I hope that she would love your children, because if she doesn't love your children, the relationship will not do well. Please let me hear from you again.


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