My boyfriend doesn’t seem to want me anymore

April 01, 2021

Dear Pastor,

My boyfriend and I are 24. We have been together for months. When we started he told me he and his ex broke up because he didn't like her lifestyle. He treated me well.

Whenever I was at his house it was not all about sex. He did not pressure me for sex. He took me everywhere he went. He was always talking about me. Then suddenly my friends started to fight against us. They told me that he was not a good man. I didn't listen to them. I told them I would have to find out for myself. I know they stopped talking to me. They know he was jealous so they told him lies about me. He believed them until he found out the truth. Pastor, my boyfriend and I were doing very well. Now, he is complaining that I am acting like a child and I don't care for him anymore. I explained to him that I really love him but while growing up, I wasn't shown love. So it is hard for me now. I do not go to his house anymore because he is always 'missing stuff'. I am the only girl who has bought him gifts for his birthday. He got into trouble, but I got him out of it because of my good name. I really love him. He said he wants to be comfortable with me. I really don't understand this man. Do you think he is interested in me? I want to hear from you.


Dear A.P.,

When this man was getting to know you he was playing his card very well, that is why he didn't pressure you for sex at the beginning. But now that he has got what he always wanted, he is not as loveable as before and you are not wanted at his house because other women are going there. So suddenly he is missing things. He knows he is lying so it is better for you to keep away. Any man who would listen to others about his woman is not a good man. This relationship is not going to go anywhere so, therefore, I suggest that you look elsewhere for a good and stable relationship. It does not make sense pursuing this man. He is not truthful.


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