Not interested in sex right now

April 01, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am a young mother. I have been breastfeeding my baby and I haven't felt for sex since I started. My husband is beginning to wonder why.

Sometimes I force myself to have sex with him but most times, he takes it from me. I am there but not participating. But Pastor, I love my child's father and I don't want him to leave me because he is everything to me. My doctor told me that it takes some women a long time to get back to having normal sex. My boyfriend and I will be watching television while our child is asleep and he will start to masturbate and stare at me. When that happens, I go to my room and then call him and tell him to take it. He tells me that I am hard on him. I told him I didn't want to be hard on him; I just didn't feel for sex. This is something I discussed with my mother, and she told me that my father slapped her twice when she was reluctant to have sex with him after she had me. She said that one way to get out of it is to let him have any sex position he wants.


Dear J.K.,

It is normal for some women not to want sex soon after they have given birth. In fact, it takes some women many months to get back into love making. It does not mean that she is cheating or anything like that, but she will eventually come around. You should work with your doctor on this matter, and it is wrong for your man to accuse you of punishing him.


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