My girlfriend told me her lover was her ‘uncle’

April 26, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am 30 years old and I do security work. I am living with my girlfriend. She is older than I am and when I met her, her son was five years old so he calls me daddy.

He is now 10 years old so we have being living together for five years. We are living in my parents' home but they are abroad. My girlfriend has a male visitor who comes to the house every week. She told me that he is her uncle. Whenever he comes, he brings ground provisions for her, so I really thought that this man was her uncle. He has even slept at the house. I never suspected anything until one day I came home and the little boy called the name of the man and said he and mommy were in the room and that she told him to go outside and play. Later in the evening, I asked her if her uncle was around and she wanted to know why I asked. She was very surprised. I told her the little boy said that he was in our room. I asked her why he was in there and that caused a big argument between us. I told her that he should not come back to the house when I am not there. I asked her for his number, but she has refused to give it to me.

I know two of her sisters and I asked them if they know this so-called uncle and one of them said they don't know him as her uncle, they know him as their sister's boyfriend. I told my girlfriend she would have to leave, but she should not take her son because I will take care of him. This girl has deceived me and I have given her everything. I have stopped eating from her because I am afraid she may poison me. She said I have not seen her do anything with my own eyes, so I should not believe a child. I told her that if the child was wrong, her sister is not wrong. Do you think I am wrong to tell her to go?


Dear V.E.,

This woman has indeed fooled you. You are a good man. You took her with a little child and you have been a good father to the child. She has really fooled you. In fact, she has made a fool of you. The man has slept in your house because you believed that he was her uncle. I think you have a right to tell her to go and if she insists that she take her son with her, don't fight her over that. He is her son. Regardless what this woman tells you, don't allow her to stay. She is a wicked deceiver and her son is old enough to know that she should not be in a room alone with this man. In your letter, it shows that you and this woman have been together for five years, but you didn't state how long ago this so-called uncle started visiting. Many women always talk about men who they are involved with as their 'uncle' when they are not related at all. Your girlfriend is just bad. You have to insist that she leaves.


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