In love with my late husband’s friend

April 28, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am a 70-year-old woman and I am in good health. I have a male friend who is 59 years old. He lives about two miles away from me.

Any time that I have anything around the house to do I can always call him. He is a good handyman. He knew my husband. They were good friends but my husband died four years ago and my husband and I did not have children. My husband had one daughter and she lives in the United States of America. She is a professor at one of the universities. She is a sweet girl and she calls me mama. She says "Mama, I am not coming to live in Jamaica". Her husband is American and she has become a citizen of the country. Pastor, my friend who lives close to my house sleeps here sometimes. He does not live with anyone. He was never married. When I asked him why he was never married, he said he has never met any woman he could trust. He said that he had a girlfriend and one night when he was sleeping at her house, a man was knocking at her door and his girlfriend would not answer the door until the man went away. When he got up, he told her that he would never come back and sleep at her house. Pastor, I love him very much. I want to go to church but this man and I are romping in bed. I asked a friend of mine who is a justice of the peace if he thinks I am too old to get married again and he said I did not look my age. He wanted to know who was the lucky man but I did not tell him. What I like about this man is that he is very clean. I don't have to support this man. He is somewhat well off and I am a pensioner. I live off my pension and off the money from another house that I have rented out.


Dear P.,

I am glad that you are in good health and I am also glad to hear that you are in love, and I say that because so many woman your age are very unhappy. Many pretend that they don't need anybody in their lives but you are not pretending. You have found a man and he loves you and you love him. Don't be concerned about your age or his age. Go ahead and marry him and both of you go to church.


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