Tired of getting ‘bun’ from women

May 13, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am faced with a big problem. I am 41 and my girlfriend is 21. We have been together for two years. She is unemployed. I love her more than cooked food.

I expect her to take care of me, which she does. Some of my friends tell me that I am robbing the cradle. It seems like I don't have any luck with women. I used to live with an older woman, but my own brother got involved with her. I got rid of her, and from that day I have not spoken to my brother. Pastor, I took this girl and was helping her to go to school, but she is not interested in school. So since the COVID-19 pandemic, she stopped attending classes. She said she wants to be a cosmetologist, so I told her to learn that and I bought her everything she said she wanted. One day, one of the girls at the parlour called me and said that my girlfriend got involved with a man. This girl said the way I treat my girlfriend, she shouldn't have done that to me.

One day I got into her phone and saw some texts from the man. I found out that she has been to a brothel with him. I was planning to give her a beating, but I know I would have got myself in trouble. I asked her what she was doing at a brothel and she said she followed a friend who was seeking a job. She was trying to get a job there, too. The girl at the parlour was able to describe the man to me. Pastor, I know him. I don't know what to do with this girl. The guy is an entertainer. These days nothing is going on for him, so it is my money she is using to help to support him. I am doing my best for this girl and she is giving me 'bun' and Pastor, it is hot. She is not denying that she was at the brothel, but she said she did not go there with a man. I don't believe her, but she is the second woman to give me bun. I don't know what to do. I am asking you for your advice.


Dear O.T.,

You are a very unfortunate man. Your own brother became sexually involved with your woman, and she was an older woman. She should not have allowed that to happen. Your brother should not have uncovered your woman's nakedness; that is nastiness. They should both be ashamed of themselves. I can really understand why you have not spoken to your brother since then. He will always be your brother, but not one you could be proud of. Concerning this younger woman with whom you are living. You shouldn't even have to write to me to find out what you should do. So, since you asked me, I am going to tell you that this young woman should have been out of your house already. You have been good to her, but she is ungrateful. She doesn't have any ambition, but I think I know what the problem is. She sees you as an old man (although you are not old). The woman at the parlour is not telling lies, she knows her business. She might have talked you up and told them what a good man you are to her. But at the same time they know that she is playing around with another guy, so they see that as being unfair to you and have told you what's going on. The reasons this girl has given you about going to the brothel is nonsense. Why would she go there without informing you that she wanted a job? Run her out of your house. She is making a fool of you. You made a big mistake when you got involved with her. I can imagine how this entertainer is laughing at you. If you don't get her out of your place, she will continue to cheat. And sir, don't go too old or too young when you are trying to find another woman. Find a woman who is working, not a woman who is going to eat you out and bring you to nothing.


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