A man twice my age wants me to live with him

May 17, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am a 33 year-old woman and I have had several boyfriends. Each of them told me that they were in love with me. I have had two miscarriages so I do not have children.

My last boyfriend wanted me to live with him but I refused. I cannot find myself living with a man and we are not married. This man is 66, so he is twice my age. I asked him why he wanted me to live with him. He said that it was the right thing for a man his age to do. I like this man. He is very strong and he is intelligent but I have made up my mind not to have children and, even if I wanted children, I think he is too old for me to allow him to impregnate me. What do you think?


Dear L.,

If you do not wish to live with this 66-year-old man or subject yourself to allowing him to get you pregnant, you should stick with your decision. You have to live with yourself.


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