Dead husband’s cousin wants to marry me

June 01, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am 43. I was married but I lost my husband in an accident. We did not have children. He left me in a good position. I am not suffering, it is just that I miss him so much.

I used to say that I would never marry again but I have changed my mind. I accepted a date from my husband's cousin two years ago. He came to Jamaica on vacation. He is a very handsome and smart man. When he went back to Canada, he talked to me every day and he expressed how much he loved me. He is 50 and divorced. He told me he confided in his sister about how much he loved me and she is encouraging him to propose to me and get married. When I told my mother that he loved me, she said she did not see anything wrong with us having a relationship and getting married. But I am afraid of what people who know that we are cousins will say. He wants us to get married and for me to join him in Canada. He is suggesting that I rent out my home in Jamaica and work with him in Canada. I didn't dream that I would get married again. I don't know how you see this relationship, so kindly give me your advice.


Dear V.R.,

Your former husband is dead. There was no relationship between you and your husband's cousin while your husband was alive, and now this man is in love with you and wants to make you his wife. If you love each other, there is no reason why you should not get married. Do so before you get much older. You need the companionship. You are fortunate to have met this man.


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