My friend is sleeping with her brother-in-law

July 01, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am a Christian and I sing on the choir of my church and I teach Sunday school. My best friend and I went to college at the same time. We have been like sisters.

We kept each other's secrets. She has two children and I have three. A few months ago, she told me her biggest secret. She asked me not to repeat it but since she told me, I don't really want to have much to do with her. So please tell me if I am wrong. She told me that she had an affair with her husband's brother and she has found herself doing so repeatedly. She said that sometimes when her husband had to be away, his brother came to the house and when the children were sleeping, they had sex. I asked her why and she could not give me a good reason apart from saying she always loved him. He and his brother are very close. I asked her if he gives her money and she said no, she has sex with him but just because she loves him. Her husband is very caring and hard-working. I told her that I would keep that as a secret but whenever I think about what she did, I think I cannot keep that to myself. But then I would destroy her home and destroy the good relationship the brothers have. Sometimes I think that I should tell my husband what she said but I am afraid. I am asking you to give me your advice.


Dear V.W.,

I am assuming that you told her that what she is doing is greatly immoral and she needs to stop. She is cheating on her husband with his own brother. Tell her that you expect her not to encourage her brother-in-law to come to the house while her husband is away. I cannot encourage you to mention it to your husband or to your best friend's husband. That is something she should do on her own if her conscience is bothering her. I believe that you should keep out of that matter.


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