Pregnant from a one-night stand

July 02, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am seven months pregnant and I am living with my husband. But every day I stand before the mirror and I look at myself, my conscience bothers me.

I already have three children by my husband, but I know that this child that I am carrying is not his. It is for a man who had a one-night fling with me. Pastor, this man and I were good friends when we were teenagers. We always liked each other, but we grew apart and he went abroad. He went to America and got married there. I was always friendly with one of his brothers, and one day I saw him and he told me that his brother was coming to Jamaica. I gave him my number to give to his brother. He called me before coming to Jamaica and told me where he would be. I went to see him. We met again, this time at his hotel, and that is when it happened. My conscience is bothering me. My husband is a good man. I got $180,000 from this man and I am carrying his child. I told him I am pregnant and he has wished me well, but that is all he is saying. I know I cannot call his name. I only hope when I give birth, the child will resemble my husband. I am not asking you what I should do, but by writing to you, I feel better.


Dear F.S.,

You are a very careless woman, but I am not here to condemn you. Your conscience is doing a very good job of that. I wish you a very safe delivery and I hope that one of these days, after your child is born, that you will have the courage to tell your husband the truth.


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