Think my husband should be a pastor

July 15, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am 21 and I am pregnant with my first child. I got married and my husband is 31 and he is a hard worker. Presently, I am not working. He is carrying the financial load.

His mother is not doing well so he has to be helping her. He doesn't know his father. He said his mother didn't want to talk about it when he was growing up. His aunt told him that she knew the man his mother was with and she believes he is the father. But he did not press his mother to tell him the man's whereabouts. His brother and sister are for a different man. They are still living at home. His brother is working but his sister is attending university. He and I did not plan to have a child so soon but the condom broke. I cannot say that I am unhappy but I lost my job and this is why my husband is feeling pressured, but he does not complain. He is a good Christian and he is very active in his church. Sometimes he preaches and whenever he does the member says they want him to preach more often. I think he is called to be a preacher but he does not feel so. How does a person know that he should be a pastor? I have tried to help his mother as much as I can. She is always telling me to take care of her son. He is her 'eyeball'. He has an insurance policy on her life; just in case something may happen, but his brother and sister don't like that. They said that he insured her to get money or to make money upon her death. I told him he should not have told them what he did. His brother doesn't earn much and my husband tries to help his sister at university. I love this man so much. He is always at home with me. He doesn't stay out late.


Dear F.N.,

I am glad you have got a good husband. You said that the child you are carrying was not planned. However, I hope everything will go all right. I am sorry that you have lost your job but your needs are being met. Your husband is not only a good husband but he is also a good son to his mother. He tries to support her the very best he can. He is an intelligent man. He took out an insurance policy on his mother and that is a very good thing to do. His siblings are uninformed. He did not take out this policy because he wants to make a lot of money whenever his mother dies. He did so because he knows that he would need money to take care of her funeral and his siblings don't have any money and they would look to him for help. So I congratulate him for making this wise move. I hope that they will see or that they will come to understand that he did not do anything wrong.

Your husband preaches. He knows he is not called to be a pastor so please do not pressure him to go into the ministry. If he is called he will know it. God will reveal that to him and I leave that there. You said that your husband does not know his father and he does not carry his father's name. That is unfortunate but it does not appear as if his mother is very sure of his father's name. A loving son would not embarrass his mother over this matter. I am glad his mother loves you. Do your best to assist her and I wish you well.


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