Christian girlfriend keeps telling me no

July 16, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am 19 years old and my girlfriend is 23 years old. I lied about my age when I met her and she asked. I knew, at that time, that she was 22 years old, and I figured that if I told her the truth, she would have told me I was too young. Something like that has happened to me before. I was in love with a girl, and when I told her my correct age, she said she did not want a boy, she wanted a man.

I told her that I was a man and she should try me. She started to date one of my friends who was in her age group. They are still together.

My girlfriend is a Christian, but I am not a Christian. But I am not a 'worldlian' either. I had to beg this girl to give me a chance in her life because she is a true, true Christian. I went to visit her at her parents' home and the first thing they asked me was whether I was a Christian. I told them that I wasn't baptised as yet, but I am Christian-minded. My girlfriend does not want me to 'touch her up' whenever we meet, and I am having a hard time because I get an erection all the time. She is now threatening to leave me because of that, but I am not ready to be a Christian.

Initial withheld

Dear Writer,

You have declared that you are not a Christian and this girl has told you that she does not want you to toy with her body. You say that you are not ready to be a Christian. Perhaps you want to run around a little more and to 'sample' as many girls as possible.

I doubt this relationship is going to get far. I think this girl is going to drop you because you are aiming to get under her skirt as soon as possible, and she is not in for that. So you should plan to move on.


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