Gay man is stalking my husband

September 03, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am a Canadian citizen and a frequent flyer to Jamaica where I have my husband's family and friends. My last few encounters in Jamaica have been unpleasantly disturbing.

There is a back story with my husband being harassed by another male from the LGBTQ community. With my husband being a popular entrepreneur, prominent in the music and visual industry, he has a wide range of 'fans' and even some 'stalkers'.

Being born and raised in Canada, there is a lesser stigma around gay rights compared to Jamaica where being gay is not widely accepted. I have all respect for those who decide to live their life how they please, but I am getting quite scared and uncomfortable with being stalked by another man.

I am worried about how others may view us. The thought of going to the authorities terrifies me even more, with Jamaica being such a homophobic country. There have been lengthy phone calls in the middle of the night and voice notes from third party members. I love Jamaica but I miss the feeling of feeling safe when I come out here. Pastor, do you have any advice for me?


Dear Anonymous,

I do not believe that you are a woman biologically but you are pretending to be. You have said enough in your letter that has caused me to believe that you are a man. It is unfortunate that you have been harassed and I would urge you to report those who are guilty of harassing you to the police. You cannot know it will be a waste of time. You cannot be sure of that until you try. You have a right to live in peace and so does your partner. I am glad that the bad experience that you have experienced will not prevent you from visiting Jamaica as often as you can. I wish you well.


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