Can’t decide which sister to marry

September 08, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am the father of seven children. I have these children with four different women. I considered my situation but now I have stopped playing around. It is hard to have one woman.

My father never had one woman and we as boys knew it. My father was a very strong man. I am not as strong as my father, but I have followed in his footsteps by having many children. What is bothering me now is that two of the children that I have now, their mothers are sisters, and these two women fight over me. I plan to get married but I do not know which one of these sisters to marry. I asked my mother what I should do and I am not satisfied with the advice that she gave me. When the first sister got pregnant, she went away and had the baby in America and that is how I got involved with the other sister. So my mother is now saying that I should marry the one in America. I love the one in Jamaica more. Maybe it is because I see her all the time. My mother says that my child's mother, the one who is in America, can help me to live there because she is now an American citizen. She got married over there and became an American citizen but the marriage did not work. So we talk all the time and she has agreed to marry me if I want to travel to America. I can't even suggest that to her sister out here because we still have something going but I want to settle down. It is more than time.


Dear G.A.,

I wouldn't even bother to comment on your past because you have already said it is not good, but you want to settle down now. You are still having an intimate relationship with one of the sisters but the older sister who went abroad after you got her pregnant is willing to marry you. But the love that you have for the younger sister is stronger. If you feel that you should marry one of the sisters, then I would suggest that you marry the younger one and that is all I have to say. Others might disagree with me. I wish you well.


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