I am pregnant for my landlord

November 24, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I have a confession. I am having an affair with my landlord. I recently moved into this man's house with his wife and son. This man and I have been sleeping together for months.

He decided that he wanted me close to him. So, he moved me into his house with his family. He and I have been pretending that I am a tenant. Every time his wife and son leave the house, we have sex. We do it everywhere in the house, including the kitchen.

I recently found out that I am pregnant and I told him. He got vexed and he told me to "dash away" my belly. I don't want to do that because this is my first pregnancy and I want the baby. His wife doesn't know what is going on, but his son knows. His son has not said anything.

This man treats his wife like garbage and I think she is having an affair with one of the neighbours because they are very friendly. I also came to find out that my landlord is also sleeping with his son's friend who is 18 years old.

Pastor, what should I do? Should I keep this baby or dash it away? I really want my baby, but I don't want to be a single mother.


Dear D.B.,

You have been living at this house without paying rent. You say you have been sleeping with the landlord for months. So, technically, you have been paying the landlord by selling him your body. He is not taking cash from you, but he is having sex with you all the time. This man's wife is not aware that having sex with her husband is the way you pay your rent. But his son knows of his father's behaviour. Even if his wife suspects that her husband is having an affair with you, she is not willing to ask him because you are now accusing her of having a sexual relationship with one of her neighbours. This matter is so messy because you are also accusing your so-called landlord of trying to have a sexual relationship with his son's friend.

This man wants you to terminate the pregnancy and you want me to tell you what you should do. I do not encourage abortion on demand. It is not a matter of incest or rape or your life is in danger, so, I would encourage you to carry your pregnancy. Try and get another place to live. But you should not try to shield this man, he should accept his responsibility. He got you pregnant, so he should assist you in preparing for the birth of the child, and, let him deal with the relationship with his wife and himself. But try your best to leave his house. Ask your relatives to assist you and if this man denies paternity, take him to court.

Both of you should have known better than to be having unprotected sex. When couples have unprotected sex, there is always a possibility that the woman might get pregnant. I repeat, both of you should have known better.


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