I’ve slept with more than 500 women

March 16, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I have been reading your column for more than 20 years, and while I might not always agree with you, I can always see the benefit of the advice which you give. I have written to you previously about an issue that I have been facing for a while, but I did not receive a response, so I decided to try again.

I'm a 37-year-old man who is single, successful, highly educated, and good-looking by the majority of people's standard. Because of this, I usually get a lot of attention from the opposite sex. I, however, find it very difficult to commit because of the mindset of the vast majority of women that I've encountered. These women seem more interested in finding someone who can finance the lifestyle they've envisioned for themselves, rather than seeking to build any type of lasting connection. I've slept with more than 500 women, 99 per cent of whom would have never given me the time of day if I was not successful.


I'm at a stage in my life where I'm ready and adequately prepared to settle down and start a family, but the mindset of the majority of Jamaican women is a turn-off. It seems as if they are looking for short-term gratification and not to build something long term.

What advice can you offer for this problem, as I'm of the belief that feelings cannot be genuine if the main motivation is financial?

I am looking forward to hearing your response. Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Dear G.A.,

Why should an intelligent woman even consider you? How could an intelligent woman believe that you are serious? You chat a lot, but you don't think. You claim that you have gone to bed with 500 women and out of those 500 women, you could not even find one with whom you could settle down and make life. I must declare that something is wrong with you. It cannot be the women's fault. No sir, it cannot be.

You are trying to belittle women by saying that if you were not handsome these women would not have anything to do with you. But what you probably have not said is that you were a big spender on these women. So the women were quite willing to take what financial help you were able to give them. You were so busy trying to go to bed with as many of them as possible that you did not have time to consider establishing a good relationship with any of them.

Now you are talking as if all the 500 women were cheap. At 37 years old, what you find convenient is to write to me and verbally abuse women and to big up yourself, so to speak. It is not too late for you to check yourself.

I further suggest that you make an appointment to see a psychologist, because you might need help. You are not a good man. You need to seek help for yourself before you try to find a wife.


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