Fathers should support their children

March 24, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I listen to you every night. Your show is very good. Sometime I sleep early and wake up to listen to you. You make me laugh a lot. I am 65 years old, but I am still working. I plant ground provision and I raise a few goats. The goats are to help my grandchildren. My wife and I have been married for 38 years. We help each other in every way. People ask us how we have stayed together for so long and I tell them that I allow her to have her way. She tells me I am a miserable man, but I tell her she couldn't find a better man.

out of wedlock

Even after I got married and I went out of the marriage and had a child, my wife forgave me. That girl is now 30 years old. My wife has accepted her as her very own. I am not encouraging any man to do so, because not all women would accept an outside child. We live in a nice home. I suffer from diabetes, but it is under control.

The mother of my daughter says that she still loves me. I am done with that type of life now. My children know that whatever I have accumulated must be divided between all of them, including my outside daughter. The children I have with my wife are boys. So, my daughter is the only princess that we have.

Pastor, tell all the men to support their children, and not to allow them to suffer. I will continue to listen to you and to read your column. So until next time, keep the faith.


Dear J.W.,

I am glad to know that your wife stayed with you even after you went out of the marriage and had a child. She is indeed a very good woman. Even in your present condition, she is faithful to you and she is taking good care of you. Your marriage is blessed. You are prepared to divide your legacy between all your children. That is good. Eat well, exercise, serve the Lord, and rest.

Continue to listen to my show and to read my column.


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