Cheating boyfriend has finally settled down

March 30, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I have been reading your column for the last seven years. I don't always agree with you, but I can see that you are a frank man and you don't care what others say about you.

My pastor said that you should use the Bible when you are answering questions. So for that reason, he is very critical of you. Most of the people I know love your column.

My co-workers discuss your column with each other all the time. You have helped to straighten out my boyfriend, because he used to believe that a woman should only be seen but not heard, and she should agree with everything her husband says. But I have pointed out to him that life cannot go like that. I quoted what you said in your column. You have caused many of us women to stand up for our rights.

My boyfriend cheated on me three times. The first time I forgave him, but the second time I told him that I would put him out because he has no ambition. The woman he cheated with had no ambition, either, because she called me and told me that I should learn to keep my man. I told her that she could have him for good. I found out that he was not the only man she was involved with. She was having a relationship with her co-worker, and she was married.

When my boyfriend realised that I knew all these things, he stopped talking to her and asked me to forgive him. We went to counselling and told the counsellor everything. So we are having a better relationship than ever before. Now he comes home and helps me to cook and assists me with the baby. He used to just come home and eat and watch sports.

Thank you for your column. You are a father to many.


Dear K.L.,

Many years ago, a man saw me and engaged me in a conversation. He said he went to a particular church and heard a message from the preacher, who verbally attacked me.

He told the congregation about certain topics that I dealt with in my column. He wanted them to know that he could not support these things. This man said he sat there and he listened keenly and at the end of the service, he went to the preacher, introduced himself and said, "Those things you were saying about Aaron Dumas are not true." I know the man and he defended me. He said, "Look, this is his number, call him and discuss the things that you have said today from the pulpit about him." The preacher took my number, but he never called me.

The truth is, I did not expect him to call me. Some of these men can talk lots of things behind my back, so to speak, but they can't face me. They don't have any grounds to stand on. They take things out of context from the Bible. They are not even trained, so I would not waste my time talking to them, and I would not lose any sleep over what they say. The truth is, these guys are afraid of me.

I am not afraid of criticism. I have been helping people over the years, and I will continue to do so until I am forced to give up. I am glad I have been able to help you and many others. I thank you for reading the column. I repeat, I am glad that I am being of help to you. I get many letters from young people like you and I am happy that I have been a part of your life. I know that God is going to direct you. Be careful. Plan your future well and may the good Lord direct your steps.


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