Younger girlfriend burning my pocket

May 18, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I am in my 50s and I have two girlfriends; one is in her early 30s and the other is in her 40s. I lost my wife five years ago and I decided that I was not going to get married again until I am ready to retire at 65.

I live in harmony with my three children. I am a contractor. My younger girlfriend wants me to buy a house for her. I told her that the house will not go to her because I know that her mother is very poor and she doesn't have a good job. So I told my girlfriend that I know she wants to get the place to put up her mother, so I am not into that.

I have always had more than one woman in my life. When my wife was alive, I always had a sweetheart. My wife was like an angel. She never harassed me for anything and I supported her well. But that monster disease that is called cancer took her away from me.

One day I was driving on Trafalgar Road and I saw this girl at the bus stop. It started to rain, so I asked her where she was going. She told me and I told her that I would take her there. I realised that the girl was in need. She said she and her boyfriend were not on good terms because he slapped her and they fought. I found out that she slept with another man and a few days later, the man called her and her boyfriend answered the phone.

I took her on but she is costing me a lot. The older woman doesn't cost me so much and she is satisfied with what she gets. But this younger girl tells me what she wants constantly. I have warned her that I will break up with her because she uses expletives and I can't tolerate that. She does not say that she wants to have sex; she uses the 'f' word. And she told me I am too 'short'. One night while we were in bed, she said it again. I got mad, turned on the light and started packing her things. She said it was a joke, but how can it be a joke if she is saying it while we are having sex?

I asked my bona fide girl if I am too small and she told me not to ask her stupidness. Is it true that sometimes a man's penis shrinks as he gets older? I would like to know. But my main reason for writing is to ask what to do with this girl. She is really good in bed. She does not have children. I am only with her because she does what my bona fide woman does not do, and I like it. It is costing me a lot, but when I packed up her things, she promised that she would not use any more expletives and she unpacked her bags.

My bona fide woman has never disrespected me, and she is willing to wait until I am 65 for us to get married. She has her own home. My three children know her. We all spent Christmas together, while my hot girlfriend spent it with her mother.


Dear D.W.,

You have got yourself in a pickle and you should bring an end to this mess. You said you have always had girlfriends even when your wife was alive, but it is time for you to change.

This young girl is going to work on your pocket; she is going to drain you. She uses expletives because perhaps that is the way she was raised. A person who can reason doesn't have to talk that way. She wants money from you all the time and perhaps you are excited to know that you have a young woman in your life. But you are behaving as a fool.

I know what you mean when you say that this woman excites you and many readers know too. Perhaps she knows that you like it so much that she is charging you without telling you that you should pay for the service.

My friend, if you are wise, you should break up with this young girl. That evening when you packed her bag and she unpacked it, she was telling you that you were not serious and she was not going anywhere. Help this young lady to get a job and send her home.

Concerning the older woman, continue to be respectful to her and plan your life with her. Time goes by very fast. Soon you will be 65 and both of you can get married. You promised yourself that you would remarry at 65. You are going to need someone who genuinely loves you and will take care of you, so make that woman that special person. I wish you well.


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