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... Tyrell's death causes tension in Craig Town

THE POLICE ARE linking the flare-up of gun violence in the south St. Andrew community of Craig Town to the murder of Paul Tyrell, tour manager for popular entertainer Moses 'Beenie Man' Davis.

Craig Town erupted in a hail of gunfire on Tuesday night after reports had reached the area of the murder of a member of the Shocking Vibes crew.

Tyrell, a 32-year-old employee of Shocking Vibes, had just left the entertainment agency's studios, when he was approached by a gunman at the intersection of Springvale Avenue and Constant Spring Road in St. Andrew and was shot dead.

News of the incident quickly traveled south and by the time residents of Craig Town heard, the story was that "Shocking Vibes big man just get buss."

At that time it was being rumoured that the victims were either Shocking Vibes C.E.O Patrick Roberts or Beenie Man. Both Roberts and Beenie Man were raised in, and still have strong ties to the Craig Town community.

"After wi hear (about the murder) a pure shot start lick. Yow come een like a war just start round yah," a Craig Town resident told THE STAR.

In the aftermath of the gun violence, Marcello Whyte, a 29-year-old resident of Clarence Lane in the area, was found dead.

The Constabulary Communications Network (CCN) reported that at about 10:25 Whyte was near his home when he was shot by unknown assailants.

Quiet returned shortly after 1 a.m. yesterday when the identity of the deceased member of the Shocking Vibes crew was revealed.

However, that has not quieted the rumours. One resident told THE STAR that several stories began to spread about the cause of Tyrell's murder. "One story seh a bad vibes between man and man but mi nuh know wha a gwaan yah man," the resident said. Another resident added, "It hard though, it well hard."

Those sentiments were manifested by members of the Shocking Vibes family on Tuesday night. Beenie Man collapsed on the sidewalk near the scene of Tyrell's murder, while a sobbing Roberts was being consoled by friends. None of them were in any mood to speak with media.

The police have not yet established a motive for Tyrell's murder.

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February 26, 2004

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