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'ONE ORDER' LEADER KILLED - Gunshots rain in Spanish Town - Three murdered in Montego Bay

REPUTED LEADER OF the notorious 'One Order' gang, Oliver 'Bubba' Smith, was shot dead by gunmen on Whitehall Avenue, St. Andrew last night.


But his death has caused a lockdown in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, as gunfire erupted in the Old Capital forcing businesses to close their shutters and people to seek refuge at the Spanish Town Police Station.

Up to late last night police confirmed that two men, believed to be cohorts of Bubba, had been shot dead in Spanish Town and an AK-47 assault rifle seized.

Late last night Constable Oliver Livingston of the Constabulary Communication Network, the information arm of the police, told THE STAR that Bubba, about 30, who also goes by the names Everald McLean and Wayne Alexander in which he was deported in May 2002, was killed at about 7:30 p.m. by unknown assailants.

The news quickly spread to the Ellerslie and Tawes Pen areas of Spanish Town. The police say about 9:30 p.m. gunmen, believed to be from these communities, immediately stormed the town firing at will and sending commuters scampering in different directions. Most of those people fled to the police station where a large number of them still remained up to late last night.

Police units which went to investigate the gunfire came under attack from men with high-powered weapons, THE STAR heard, and a massive shoot-out ensued. So great was the gunmen's fire power that reinforcements had to be called in from Mobile Reserve and the Area Five Headquarters.

The police efforts to regain control of the town resulted in the fatal shooting of two alleged gunmen and the recovery of the assault rifle.

But up to late last night there was still sporadic gunfire and several roads including Wellington and Adelaide streets, were blocked with debris.

Most wanted

Bubba had been one of the most wanted men in Spanish Town for the past two years. His named caused a controversy recently when he was not named on the police's Top 10 Most Wanted List. He is wanted for, among other things, the extortion of millions of dollars from businesses in and around the Old Capital.

Within recent months, the One Order and Klansman gangs have staged a bloody turf war in Spanish Town as they fight for extortion money. This had resulted in an escalating crime rate in the city and the shooting and killing of several persons.

Meanwhile, at least two persons have been confirmed dead and another battling for life, following a drive-by shooting in Glendevon, Montego Bay, St. James. Another man was shot dead in Rose Heights in the parish. Police were unable to provide further details up to late last night.

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July 13, 2004

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