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Fabian Davis - a man on a mission

By PAUL-ANDRE WALKER, Staff Reporter

TIVOLI GARDENS MIDFIELDER Fabian Davis on Monday collected the Lions share of the awards for the recently concluded Wray and Nephew National Premier League season during a Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) Awards ceremony held at the Hilton Kingston Hotel.

Walking to the podium on three occasions, Davis, engulfed in an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, proudly accepted the Most Valuable Player of the final round, the player of the season award, the Tony Barrows player/personality of the year award and a collective award of $70,000.00 in cash prizes.

Coming from a situation where he had been discarded by the national programme, and a season with Arnett Gardens for which he received no real acclaim, Davis was happy to be back at the top of football in Jamaica. He was cognisant however, of the fact that his re-emergence at the pinnacle of Jamaica's football was not a solo effort.

"Whether or not it took a lot of hard work shouldn't even be questioned, there's been a lot of hard work, but there have also been a few individuals that play an important part in my achievements to date. Coach Sammy from the National team and you have Barry my trainer in the Gymn at Spartan, my family, my real friends, and my teammates, I have to respect them for that," said a reflective Davis.

Higher power

Davis' turnaround in the sport can also be attributed to his growing faith in a higher power and his new found responsibilities. Recently becoming the father of a baby girl, the family man reflected on those influences on his career.

"We can't leave out thanking the Lord for allowing me these achievements and for letting me know that if I keep putting him first then the sky is the limit. I still have love for those that see me in a negative life because I always know that the sky is the limit as long as you put in the hard work and determination for your achievements.

"I used that as part of my motivation," he said of his daughter's influence, "and it plays a very big part in my development as a player, her name is Fabian and her mother's name is Kerri Coy and just knowing that they're there helps me to keep moving further and further. Coming home and watching her grow is the biggest motivation, she is fabulous and life right now is just fabulous," he said proudly.

Trying not to get too far ahead of himself lest he get sidetracked from his focus, Davis is content with taking each day at a time without too many illusions of grandeur.

"Right now I'm just taking one day at a time and remaining focused on putting God first," he said.

For the people who had written off the Tivoli point pan Davis holds no ill will but rather, uses them as another way to surround himself with positive motivation.

"Everyday isn't Christmas and what's not dead you shouldn't throw it away. I am a man of faith and I know that you will have some rough times throughout your career. In whatever profession you're in, you have got to know how to use whatever negative points there are to encourage you and to motivate you each and every step of the way," he said with a positive air.

After all the acclaim and the fanfare, Davis now turns to the next season of the Premier League and the possibilities of another title.

"I am just using the time to relax right now before next month when pre-season training begins," he said.

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July 21, 2004

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