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Ja's most wanted

THE POLICE HAVE released the list of the island's most wanted men. Unlike previous years, this year's list includes only nine men as the former number one on the list, Kevin 'Richie Poo' Tindale, was caught by the police earlier this month.

As a result, the new number one on the list is Mark Bromley otherwise called 'Shotty Mark' of Tivoli Gardens who is wanted for murder as well as other crimes committed in Western Kingston.

Number two is new addition Ralston "Rally" Gordon who is wanted for murder. Gordon is said to hail from Gordon Road, St. Andrew.

Randolph "Ralph" Weddermon appears third on the list. He is from Pink Lane in Kingston and is wanted for murder.

Joseph Woodslide is fourth and is wanted for murder and felonious wounding. He hails from St. Elizabeth.

In fifth is Alexander Hutton otherwise called 'Chris' or 'Cullo' is wanted for several crimes in the Bull Bay area. He is wanted for shooting, illegal possession of firearm and extortion.

Cecil Adlam otherwise called 'Frostman' is from Windsor Heights in Central Village, St. Catherine. He is wanted for double murder, rape, arson and robbery.

Christopher Reid otherwise called 'Chris' is wanted for murder. He is from Portmore.

Donovan Bennett otherwise called 'Bulbie' is wanted for murder and extortion. He is from King Street, Spanish Town.

The ninth person on the list is Glenford Spencer also known as 'Gee' or 'Glen'. He is from St. Catherine and is wanted for murder.

THERE ARE THREE new 'bad men' on this year's most wanted list which is being prepared for release by the police. But, to get the pictures for the three men from the police proved to be a difficult experience.

Attempts by THE STAR to obtain the additions to the 10 most wanted took six weeks and it took another week to obtain the three photos. Initially, THE STAR contacted CCN for pictures but were unable to obtain photos of those recently added.

When THE STAR tried to obtain a picture from the St. Catherine South CIB where number seven bad man on the list was wanted were unsuccessful. In fact, detectives in the CIB office referred the newsteam to CCN although it was suggested by information arm that we could seek assistance from the respective divisions where the men were wanted.

Efforts to obtain information from the CIB Headquarters were also met with a roadblock as none of the officers on duty on the days THE STAR newsteam visited could say which arm of the police dealt with wanted list. The CCN were unable to say why the men on the most wanted list were selected. And ,efforts by THE STAR to contact the arm of the police force which dealt with the Most Wanted list were unsuccessful.

Also, it would appear that little has been done to educate both the public and the rest of the police about the wanted men as several officers were unable to say what the men looked like.

The three men who have been added to the list are Ralston Gordon otherwise called 'Rally' of Gordon Road, St. Andrew, Joseph Woodside also known as 'Big Jo' of Southfield in St. Elizabeth and Christopher Reid better known as 'Chris' of North Parade, Portsmouth, Portmore, St. Catherine.

All the men have the unenviable record of joining the other list of outlaws who have been at large since as early as last year.

Among the men who are still at large are Spanish Town gang leader Donovan "Bulbie" Bennett of King Street, Spanish Town, Mark 'Shotty Mark' Bromley of Tivoli Gardens in Kingston and Randolph "Ralph" Weddermon who hails from Pink Lane in Kingston.

Also wanted by the police are Alexander 'Chris' 'Cullo' Hutton of 8 Miles Bull Bay; Cecil 'Frostman' Adlam of Windsor Heights in Central Village, and Glenford 'Glen' 'Gee' Spencer of St. Catherine.

On former list

These names were also on the list with former Most Wanted man Joel Andem, third on the list Kemar 'Natty Patch' Jarrett and Andrew Meade. Meade was held by the police in Central Village, St. Catherine last year. Jarrett was captured in February of last year, while Andem was held last May in St. Ann. The other man, Kevin 'Val' Lewis was held by the police late last year.

All the men on the list boast an impressive resume of criminal activities. Mark Bromley is wanted by the Denham Town police for murder and Ralston Gordon is wanted for murder. Also wanted for murder are Weddermon, Spencer and Reid.

Woodslide is also wanted for murder and felonious wounding, while Hutton is wanted for extortion, shooting with intent and illegal possession of firearm. Bennett is wanted for murder and extortion. Adlam is wanted for double murder, rape, arson and robbery

A spokesperson for the Constabulary Communications Network (CCN) ­ the information arm of the police force - said the Most Wanted List is by no means exhaustive as it does not include men who are wanted in their respective divisions.


Incidentally, the last list did not include Oliver "Bubba" Smith who was killed by gunmen off Whitehall Avenue last year and did not include Kevin 'Richie Poo' Tyndale who was a lieutenant in the Gideon Warriors Gang and was wanted in connection with several crimes committed in the Papine area. Both men were wanted by their respective divisions at the time. The police did not post a picture of Richie Poo on the wanted list until this year. But, that picture will not be on the poster when it becomes public as he was caught earlier this month.

Based on checks by THE STAR a few names of men who are wanted have also been omitted from the current list. Among them are Dean Wright otherwise called 'Deanie' of May Pen, Clarendon and Luke Gilpin otherwise called Dwayne White and Dancer. Wright is wanted by the Clarendon police for various crimes including murder and robbery committed in the parish.

Gilpin is being sought in connection with a multimillion-dollar heist after he allegedly stole US$200,000 ($12 million) and a firearm from his employer Guardsman Armoured Limited in Savanna-La-Mar in December last year.

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March 1, 2005

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