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Don Carleone hits the shops this week

THIS WEEK, THE Record Shop previews the 'Higher Meditation' rhythm which will soon become available from the All Access camp.

The rhythm was produced on the Reggae Central Label, and features a cultural mix from our artistes. The tracks include Hail Rastafari by Luciano, Cut and Clear by Sizzla, Trod Along by Sanchez, Know Not The Hour by Marcia Griffiths, Know Yourself by Chife Nucache, Truth Will Set You Free by Biggaton, Out Of Rome by Unexpected, and You Alone Jah by Louie Culture.

Also to be released from All Access is the Three Miles Label produced Gospel tracks Zion 2000, and Who by Pastor Delroy Willis.

Don Carleone hits the shops this week with the pulsating 'Jonkanoo' rhythm, which has been doing its rounds in the dancehalls.

The rhythm expectedly carries hits from dancehall's leading performers. The list features Beenie Man with A nuh Me and Chakka Chakka dance, Vybz Kartel with I Neva and Too Fcky Fcky, Macka Diamond with Da Size Deh, Bounty Killer with Sen On & Heng on, Bling Dawg withAerobics Class, Voise Mail with Do What You Feel Like, Sean Paul with Eye deh A Wi Knee, T.O.K with In The Air, Ward 21 with Who dem a talk, Jovi with Party On, Wayne Marshall with Make them Come, Round Head with Legalise it, Kim Kartina with What She Know, Frisco Kid with Wine Up Pon It and Luga Man with Gimme Some.

These singles are now available courtesy of In The Streetz Distribution.

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March 24, 2005

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