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5 with Fantan

Fantan Mojah -File

TODAY, AS PART of the 'Artist of the Month' feature, Fantan Mojah tackles five questions posed by THE STAR.

THE STAR: If you could change one thing about the music biz what would it be?

Fantan Mojah: No gun tune. Because the youth dem live what dem learn, no gun tune, everything just fully max positive music. There is nuff thing else fi talk bout other than under the princess dem, and bout gun. Look how much thing a gwaan inna we country: Man a dead everyday; farming a pop dung; more prison and no school. Look how much fi talk bout. There is more things fi talk bout. The man dem fi just uplift reggae music.

TS: What do you see as Jamaica's biggest problem?

FM: Bad mind, envy and grudge. Because a man caan stand up and see a next man a try go through and try fi uplift him black brother, him always a try pull him down inna a hole. Dem seh crab inna barrel, but if the crab dem find piece a land fi run up and down, dem naa draw down one another. A yu haffi put dem inna the barrel fi dem draw down one another. The man dem fi show more love.

TS: What do you see as Jamaica's biggest asset?

FM: Reggae music, a it a run the country right now, and the little herbs dem weh the youth dem plant inna the country, cause coke mash we down, and it nuh grow out ya. Reggae music right now and the herbs a hold up the country. We a slide hard, but through the love of the music, people a come ya hard same way.

TS: Tell us your solution to the present crime problem.

FM: We waan whole heap more school round ya; tek the youth dem offa the streets with more community centre; upliftment fi the youths dem. We tired a build more prison and more road. We agree seh we want more road yes, but one bag a prison round ya naa work. Build more factory round here. We nuh waa see no factory a shut down, we waa open up some more thing. We waa the market down a town fi finish up, and the school outa Seaview we waa it fi finish up to.

TS: What do you think more established artistes could do for the younger acts?

FM: Yu see the bigger artist dem, some a dem, not all, some a dem, yu have a thing weh name bad mind and dem no waa see no other youth rise and that a the big problem inna the business. When yu see a youth a rise and yu can help him and shub him inna a good direction, do it, 'cause yu see weh me go through. Mi no want a next man go through dat, 'cause me face it y'nuh, mi done struggle through it so if me can mek it easier fi another man, a so it go. Yu see it.

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March 30, 2005

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