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TURBULENCE trods higher

Germaine Smith, Staff Reporter

Turbulence - Germaine Smith

NOW THAT HE has the country's ears glued to his music, singjay Turbulence is making it official with his Higher Trod record label and artiste group.Higher Trod is Turbulence's collection of old community friends with whom he used to hang with, and it is the name of his production outfit as well. Though some would argue he has just begun to reap fruits in the business, Turbulence it seems is taking steps to plant more trees to bear even more.

"It (the group) is full of talented youths who have always been there but dem just never get blye inna the business before this," he told THE STAR. "Mi grow with them and we are still friends. Mi no have no new friends; a just who we used to deal with from before."

The team has been on tour with Turbulence already in Caribbean countries and few have accompanied him on tours in Europe as well. More recently they have started to appear on local shows to do quick renditions. Turbulence noted that this is the strategy until they are ready for the world.

"The aim is to get them more out there, so that eventually they will get as prominent as Turbulence right now," he noted. To date, some member of the group have even recorded singles with Turbulence, but the most recent and formal production of the Higher Trod Label is the single recently recorded Unconditional Love, for which a music video will soon follow. The story is common in the music business. One artiste kicks down the door, then he leads an entire army behind him. Music critics always say that this is the recipe for disaster, as the weight of the other acts will hinder the development of the first act.Turbulence explained, however, that his situation is slightly different, because the Higher Trod name is more than being only about the artistes.

"They can't draw me down because they are not weight to me," he countered. "Dem a no weight, plus me very strong, so dem caa draw me down. Everybody get along and dem have different roles, It's a Rasta thing, and from we say Rasta, it means everything is fine with us."

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March 31, 2005

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