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Patra on fraud charge

Patra - file

FEMALE DEEJAY LADY Patra was arrested in Montego Bay recently and slapped with fraud-related charges, THE STAR has learnt.

According to the reports, Patra, whose real name is Dorothy Smith, was arrested by police in Montego Bay following complaints by persons who accuse her of taking money for certain services, which she did not deliver in time.

Broken promises

Sources told THE STAR that the accusations are that over a period of time Patra allegedly collected a portion of money from different entertainers who reportedly wanted to work overseas. Patra reportedly promised them work permits and clearances, but was unable to deliver in time, hence they reported the matter to the police. She was then arrested and charged, but she later received bail.

Police in Montego Bay have confirmed the arrest. A Deputy Superintendent confirmed that she was arrested roughly three weeks ago and that she is currently on bail. He could not, however, immediately state when she will appear in court to answer the charges.

Patra was born in Westmoreland but eventually migrated to Kingston. She got her stage name from the shortened version of the word Cleopatra, and made her name as a talented deejay/singer/actress. Riding on high waves of popularity, Patra signed a record deal with Epic Records back in the early 1990s, and was one of the first hardcore dancehall acts to hit the foreign cable network BET in a time when few Jamaican acts did so. Along with Shabba Ranks, she and Mad Cobra graced foreign television with undiluted dancehall, and became recognisable dancehall faces in the foreign markets.

Patra made her debut album Queen Of The Pack in 1993, and was known for tracks like Bumper, Halla Fi Di Wuk, My Property among others.

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April 29, 2005

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