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NO CHANGEZ - Ce'Cile has no room for rumour

CeCile denies giving up her music for producing. - Contributed photo

CECILE HAS COME out in strong denial of rumours that she has given up her music because of intimate involvement with a member of production company Danga Zone.

In an earlier interview with THE STAR CeCile declared that she was going back to her roots of being a producer, however she denies the rumour that this is at the expense of her own music.

In seeking to clear up some of these misconceptions, CeCile first pointed out that she was still an artiste and that she had no intention of producing other artistes.

"Actually, I was producing myself, my own music, because I was tired of recording on 50 different riddims with 50 different artistes. People keep calling me and ask if I'm not producing other artistes, but that's not the case. I produced some of the tracks on Danga Zone's Forbidden Dance, a various artiste album, but that's about it," Cecile explained.

Cecile would neither confirm nor deny the relationship with any member of the group, but denied that her decision to go into producing was motivated by romantic involvement.

Cecile said she knew the source of the rumours and would not give credence to them.

"I don't know nothing about no rumours, I'm not answering no questions about that and I'm not speaking about anything relating to that. In terms of my relationship with them (Danga Zone), me an dem a friend, but I'm not going to speak about my relations with anybody," Cecile said.

According to Cecile, a lot is going on for her career right now, as she is currently in the middle of a number of big deals, none of which she was willing to speak about before negotiations were complete.

"I will be going on tour by myself the end of this month (June) and I will also be touring with TOK in August, and we will be making stops in places like Belgium, Berlin, Austria, Hungary and some other places in the French Caribbean," Cecile said.

In addition, Cecile, though tight-lipped, said she would also be trying her skills in the film industry, as she is set to play a minor role in an upcoming local film.

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June 9, 2005

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