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Da'Ville... Can't get over

Da'Ville - contributed

Artiste: Da'Ville

Song: Can't Get Over You

Produced by: Fashozy Records

"Even Though I try, I refuse to cry I can't get over you"

SOUNDS LIKE ANOTHER stalker song? Well, stalk right into this one by Orville 'Da'Ville' Thomas.

When your love life's blander than fat free, no salt potato chips, here's Da´Ville to the rescue. Your Lazarus-esque emotions will be bubbly resurrected by the syrupy single Can't Get Over You produced by Fashozy Records.

His voice cuts through the slick production and steals the show, aching with love and crooning romantically.

All grown up

A day after Hurricane Dennis sidestepped Jamaica with his menace, Da'Ville and his other half J. popped on by to talk about his life and the new single. No longer the teen throb, blond singer, he now sports nape-length, flowing locks with a tint of red.

From the days as the talented leader of the group A.R.P., Da'Ville has somewhat morphed into the Lenny Kravitz of reggae. Off the wall writing skills and butt-kicking melodies are in his zone as he seeks to launch to the top.

He gives the reason for writing the song: "Well, it was a natural vibe, an inspirational flow. It had to do with a personal experience and I was able to work it out and from it , I wrote the song". The telling effect of the chorus and the sanguine lyrics amidst the sorrow fly straight to your inner being.

"I'm into a different groove in terms of song-writing, quantity is not important, quality is" as he explained.

Breast blockin'

Does this song answer all the breast-blockin', cork-poppin' questions? No it doesn't. What it does is to give one a feel of an emotion that we all experience from time to time. A man's weakness is the love for a woman, but that weakness can be his strength. Taking this into consideration, Da'Ville delivers a Samsonite production with the backing of some smooth musical instrumentation.

Filled with more sentiments than a greeting card writers' convention, Can't Get Over You will make one strip off one's clothes off and shag.. but it will definitely make your lover forgive you and think that you really love him/her.

This song speaks of a new era of dancehall lovers rock which can be the catalyst to reinstalling the soul into reggae. Getting heavy rotation in Brooklyn and Philadelphia, Can't Get Over You will lick Heaven and Never Give Up as his most definitive piece thus far.

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July 14, 2005

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