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Natural Black is BACK!

Natural Blacks ... more glorious messages for the people. - file

WHEN NATURAL BLACK disappeared six months ago from the local entertainment scene, his absence triggered several wild rumours as to his whereabouts, and the reasons behind his sudden sabbatical.

Some rumours even suggested that a group of men had beaten him up because he had failed to record a song and cut off his dreadlocks. Others suggested that he and another deejay had had a major altercation, and he had been forced to leave the island.

"Is foolishness, ah just pure rumours 'cause nothing nuh go so. Is just true people nuh see me and they were wondering what happened, and so the stories began. But that never happened," he said.

Personal loss

What really happened is a personal loss that devastated the singer and scarred his soul in such a deep way that he was forced to take a sabbatical, cancelling lucrative tour dates in Europe, jeopardising a career he had spent years to carve out and even leading to the loss of his once long flowing locks. Black eventually returned to his native land of Guyana in a desperate bid to rediscover his love for reggae music. He explained what had happened.

"My princess had a miscarriage earlier in the year, and that played a big part in it ... I had to take some time off to find myself ... it was deep, deep ... She is a blessed lady, you know. I love her, and it was a painful time for me," Natural Black said.

"My heart and soul was not in music anymore. I couldn't deal with it. I realised that I had lost myself, my focus did shift, too much of things going one way ... I even lost all my hair, my locks, through the stress of the situation ... but is just life, all a part of the trodding," said Black, who had a big hit called Songs With Feeling in 2004.

"For the last six months, I have been trying to find myself, making a spiritual sacrifice in Yallahs, St. Thomas, and now I am ready for the road again," he said.

Natural Black's album, Be Patient, on the PG Records imprint, has been completed, and includes two singles produced by 'Don Corleone', and one by Morgan Heritage. The album is due out this summer. Recent singles such as Never Hurt You, and Nice It Nice have been getting rave reviews from insider reggae circles.

"We have a lot more glorious messages for the people, a lot more spiritual food, ah so di ting go," he said.

Black's 'covenant' has begun to grow back, and he plans to perform at a show called 'Fire in the West' on August 27 in Hanover.

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July 25, 2005

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