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Toddler angry

By TEINO EVANS, Staff Reporter

Harry Toddler - file

DEEJAY HARRY TODDLER is an angry man. So angry is he that he wants to tell the public about a recent attack on him.

The deejay says he was attacked by three gunmen two weeks ago while outside the Exodus studio.


"All mi know mi deh a Exodus studio an three man come up, an one a dem box mi inna mi head an seh mi fi stop dis di boss, an mi a seh a who a di boss? An dem a gwaan like dem waan pop off pon mi, cause mi can tell when time man have gun, suh mi jus guh so an walk weh. A di fus inna mi life dis a reach mi and mi buss from '96," Toddler said.

According to Toddler, there are 'bad-minded' persons in the business that will stop at nothing to bring down other artistes.

"...Me an nuh body inna di world neva have nutt'n yet, a jus recently me an Bounty Killer have a likkle ting. Bounty come a mi stage show an him look pon di vibes an cut, an mi neva rate dat. Him nuh come a my show an me nuh fi feel nuh way bout it, but when Baby Cham nuh come a fi him show when him keep Saddle To Di East, him tek it personal?" Toddler questioned.

When THE STAR attempted to contact Bounty, we were told that he did not wish to comment on the matter as the show took place a long time ago and he knew nothing of these allegations.

Toddler in the meantime remains annoyed with persons in the music industry and he wants nothing to do with some of the artistes who are involved in it.

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September 20, 2005

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