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Little Hero hits 'Inna Di Ghetto'

TEINO EVANS, Staff Reporter

"Mi a get one a di biggest forward fi da song deh a all a mi show now, suh wi a do di video an hopefully fans can view it by next week ... " says Hero

LITTLE HERO'S LUCK has finally kicked in with the success of his hit, Inna De Ghetto. The song, which is featured on DJ Sunshine's Real Life rhythm, has given Little Hero's career the attention that he long desired.

"Mi did meet in a one accident, an mi tongue did get damage an mi did haffi jus kick back fi a cause mi bout two, three years out of the business," he explained.

Little Hero, who was born Paul Gayle in Farm Town, Discovery Bay, in St Ann, is no stranger to scoring a chart climber. As a matter of fact, around 10 years ago he was featured on the collaboration God Alone with Merciless and Action Fire.

Now, winning favour with local fans once again with his tune Inna De Ghetto, Hero says the whole vibe is really good right now and he hopes that this time around things will be better.

"Yuh si tru mi live inna di ghetto fi a while (in Hannah Town), wi know seh nuh gun nuh mek down deh, suh inna di song wi a seh a who sen di gun dem come down deh, suh dat was my inspiration for doing the song," Hero explained.

Inna de Ghetto, which reached number one on the bMobile Mega Jamz Top 20 Reggae chart, rose to number five on the New York Reggae chart a few weeks ago. The song is currently number seven on Richie B's Top 30 Hit List chart. little hero

"The people dem have crazy love fi di song, di whole place jus tek on to it," he said. The single was first recorded as a solo and was produced by Courtney Cole for the Roof International label. It garnered some airplay, but it was the remix featuring Merciless and Action Fire, released on Harvel 'Gadaffi' Heart's Annex label, that took the dancehall scene and the charts by storm.

"The song was a big hit back then," said Little Hero. "I got some shows and it put my name out there. Just the other day, I re-recorded a version for the Inspire rhythm, and so far it's getting a lot of airplay."

Little Hero made his recording debut in 1992 on Courtney Cole's Roof International label with the track Pretty Looks, which featured Delly Melody. Among his latest singles are The Prayer Time and No More War on the Inspire label.


Little Hero says his debut album, More Love, will be released in November, 2005.

In addition, Hero says his fans can look out for the video for the single, The Prayer Time, which will be released some time next week.

"Mi a get one a di biggest forward fi da song deh a all a mi show now, suh wi a do di video an hopefully fans can view it by next week," he said.

Recently, Hero has performed at shows like Champions in Action, Reggae Sumfest and G.T Taylor's Back to School show in St. Elizabeth.

Little Hero says his fans can catch him live in action at an upcoming MTV show to be held at the James Bond Beach in St. Mary on October 15 and 'Beach Bling', another show being held that same evening in Montego Bay. Beach Bling will feature, among others, artistes like Chuck Fender, Macka Diamond, Gyptian, and QQ.

October 1, 2005

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