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Mr G ... the man behind the scene



ALTHOUGH CHAD SIMPSON is well known as dancehall artiste Goofy, most might not know that the deejay is in fact a successful producer.

Now riding under the alias of Mr. G, Simpson owns the Young Blood label, which recently released one of the hottest rhythms locally, Uptown/Stage-show.

The rhythm, which was created by Kirt Bennet and Steelie (of Steelie & Cleevie), has an array of popular songs, including Stamina, by Beenie Man, Waistline, by Buju Banton, Change Yu Ways, by T.O.K., and Bad Habit, by Mr. G himself.


His success in production was not created overnight though, but stemmed from a string of hit rhythms, starting in 1999 with his breakout rhythm, Ants Nest. The rhythm included smash hits like 100 Bag, by Beenie Man, and the introduction of a then new artiste named Mad Anju.

"Di name Young Blood represent my love fi bus new artiste, like how mi bus Mad Anju. Dis year mi a work pon a new artiste name Cerasie su unu look out fi him," stated Mr. G

The deejay followed up Ants Nest with at least one hit rhythm each year. In 2000, he came out with the Razor Blade which included songs like Tiger Bone by Vegas, Hype, by Elephant Man, and Ms. Matty Bwoy, by Captain Barkey.

In 2002, Campbell released the hit rhythm, Escalade including K.I.L.L.E.R. by Bounty Killer, Zion, by Beenie Man, and Baby Duppy, by Goofy. The year 2003 saw the release of the Range Rover, including a string of hits from artistes like Beenie Man, Elephant Man, and Goofy. In 2004, Campbell proved that he was more than a dancehall producer, releasing two 'one drop' rhythms, Soul Food, and Gideon. The Soul Food rhythm included a string of smash hits, including Oh My Lord, by Chuck Fender, Spinning Around by Richie Spice, Be Patient, by Natural Black and Back Against The Wall, by Beenie Man, which was included on his last Virgin released album. The Gideon rhythm also boasted a repertoire of hit, including Murderer, by Chuck Fender and Same Way, by Jah Cure.

"Is im two tune on dem ya rhythm establish Chuck Fender as a true artiste, Oh My Lord, and Murderer," remarked Simpson.

With the advent of his new hit rhythm, Uptown, Simpson states that although he loves both deejaying and producing, he slightly prefers the latter.

"With producing, if yu a build some hot rhythm, yu career safe, cause all u afi do is mek some good tune an drop dem on yu hot rhythm dem," boasts the producer/artiste.

Mr. G say that he plans to continue releasing rhythms non-stop, stating that his next release will be a 'one drop,' called Run Away, with songs like Life, by Anthony B and Mineral Bath, by Cerasie.

Mr. G stormed unto the dancehall scene in 1996 with the hit single, Fudgy. He solidified his name as a dancehall act with a series of other hits including Buff Bay, and Wining Machine.

October 19, 2005

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