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Baby Wayne Dead
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Baby Wayne Dead


WAYNE PARKINSON, A.K.A. Baby Wayne died at the Kingston Public Hospital, at approximately 11:30 am yesterday morning from complications of pneumonia.

Parkinson was admitted to hospital 16 days prior to his death, for complaints of chest pains.

"Mi tell him after mi wash im hair last night, nuh fi try do nuttn' on him own," stated his sister, Michelle Parkinson.

Apparently his symptoms took a turn for the worse last night, after the artiste fell when trying to take himself to the bathroom. Michelle had been visiting her ailing brother two times daily, and says that her brother knew that he was going to die. In fact, Michelle says that her brother had held on to his last breath so he could thank her for her help in his last hours.

"Sista mi nah guh mek it ... mi a guh ...Mi nah guh mek it ... mi a guh ..." were Baby Wayne's last words as related by Michelle.

Baby Wayne was remembered from a stint of dancehall hits in the early 90's, including Mama, Caa Live So, and Mi Know Mi Fren, which featured Leroy Smart. The deejay was still quite popular among artistes in the dancehall fraternity, as they congregated late yesterday at the Exodus studio in support of his sister, who also deejays under the name of 'Baby Vane'.


"We a guh miss Wayne bad. Da yout de grow up wit we inna di business, mi all remember him did a live 'mongst we one time inna di same yard," laments dancehall artiste Roundhead of the Monster Shack Crew.

Other artistes among the memorial congregation at Exodus, included Captain Barkey, Snagga Puss, John Wayne, and singer, Tony Curtis.

"Baby Wayne a family to me. Right now all of dem people who benefit from the deejay big tune dem, we a call on them fi support di deejay fi mek sure seh him get a proper funeral," stated Curtis.

The deejay died at the age of 37, leaving behind seven children and other family members. Parkinson's sister says that producers and fans of her late brother can leave donations at either Exodus Studio, or Buju Banton's Studio, or contact her at (876) 874-4606.

October 29, 2005

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