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Killer, Cham make amends

Teino Evans, Staff Reporter

Bounty Killer( left ) and Baby Cham - IAN ALLEN

BOUNTY KILLER AND Baby Cham ended a long-running feud on Saturday night. The two performed together on stage at Hot Mondays Anniversary show at the Mas Camp after five years of division.

However, according to Bounty Killer, the reunion was unplanned.

"Nobody never expect me to attend, much less to appear on stage, so everything was like a surprise," Bounty said.

Bounty, in giving his account of what took place, said he was on stage performing when Baby Cham walked on.

"That's all weh happen. Mi deh pon stage a perform an Baby Cham come pon di stage. Normally mi woulda guh weh but di people dem welcome him an mi gi him di mic. Afta Cham do two tune, him gi mi back di mic an mi deejay two more tune an gi him back di mic. Then him neva even intro the song, (Another Level) him jus start it an hand mi di mic at my part an mi jus do it," Bounty said.

"It was nothing planned, it jus spontaneous an wi do it cause di people love it. Di Killa do wa him waan do, mi a one person. People think weh selfish, but it's not so. Mi share di stardom wid many people," Bounty said.

However, Bounty Killer pointed out that persons should not be misled, as "it wasn't a case of welcoming him (Baby Cham) back."


"It's not like a partnership form back, it was just a musical thing. We are all stars and the people dem welcome him. Mi a get old now (in the business) an mi a get tired now," Bounty said, while suggesting that some battles, he no longer wanted to fight.

The Killer said, however, that the depth of the relationship that he and Baby Cham shared, should not have allowed their differences to get so far.

"It's stupid from first ... and it took us five years," Bounty said to make amends.

The fall-out between Bounty Killer and Baby Cham had occured when Killer was accused of throwing words at Cham, saying that some artistes were becoming rappers. The two parted ways shortly after the release of Cham's album Wow ... The Story and after a long friendship.

The Killer, however, said that there was the possibility of doing more songs with Cham, but the relationship itself, may never be the same.

"Yuh can have great times again, but even if it happen, it would be a miracle, and it would never be the same again, but there is room for it. We an Dave Kelly mek good music fi true, so even if our relationship wasn't great, it is possible to do something on the musical level. I guess we will do music again because the people like it and I want to please the people.

"It's not for me anymore. Most of what I am doing in my career right now is for the people," Bounty Killer said.

Up to press time, efforts to reach Baby Cham for comment were unsuccessful.

November 15, 2005

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