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Bunny Wailer launches two volume CD

BY TEINO EVANS, Staff Reporter

Bunny Wailer - FILE

LAST FRIDAY EVENING, the veteran Reggae singer Bunny Wailer officially launched his Tek Set Volumes 1 and 2 CD compilations at Rainbow Skateland in Half Way Tree, St. Andrew.

The Tek Set volumes and series will be distributed on the Solomonic Productions' newly found R.A.C. (Roots And Culture) Label, and according to Bunny Wailer, the series is designed as a method for producers, musicians, arrangers and artistic talents to take real authentic and classical reggae music to another level.

"It's a double impact ... people want to know what is happening to roots and culture coming out of Jamaica, as dancehall has taken some dominance, but the roots and culture is the foundation and I an I is here to show that roots and culture is here to stay," Bunny Wailer said as he addressed his supporters, well-wishers and other artistes who had turned out to the launch.

Bunny Wailer, in further explaining his intentions for the albums, said he wanted to bring good music and also expose reggae artistes who have been in the business for a while but had been under exposed.

"Right now I'd like to extend the benefit of bringing forth good music to the people, because as the music goes on, life goes on and this, the Tek Set series is going to add to the music that is already coming out of Jamaica," he said.

In speaking with THE STAR after the launch, Bunny Wailer said that his expectations were positive as he was hoping that the global reggae family and fans would receive the message that the music had to offer.

"The music speaks for itself and as far as the populace will absorb it, wi want them to taste it and know that roots, rock is here to stay. So we are hoping that the results will be positive and that new generations will further accept roots and culture coming out of Jamaica ... reggae music feed a whole heap a people worldwide and that is what the Wailers did stand for originally, so I am satisfied, because before the tree dies, it branches off," Bunny Wailer said.

Along with Bunny Wailer, some of the other artistes featured on Tek Set Volumes 1 & 2 include Abijah, Mark Wonder, Stream, Luthan Fyah, Natural Blacks, Ultimate Shine, Singing Beauty, Norris Man, Lucky Melody, Frank Melody, Brushy One String, Kayas, Jessie Nyah, and Yvonne Sterlin.

December 5, 2005

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