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Closed!...Palace says goodbye to Portmore

RASBERT TURNER, Portmore Star Writer

Palace says goodbye to Portmore

HUGH STONE - Inside the Portmore Palace.

WITH THE FESTIVE season upon us and the release of several blockbuster movies being highly anticipated, Portmore has lost one of its major attractions. The Portmore Palace, the cinema which many have grown to enjoy over the past 13 years, closed its doors last Saturday, December 3.

THE PORTMORE STAR has learnted, that it is due to poor attendance, which declined to an all-time low in the last quarter, September to December, of this year.

The cinema which is relatively small and seats only 236 persons has lost more than 40 per cent of revenues in the quarter and as a result was ordered closed by management.

When contacted by THE PORTMORE STAR, representatives from the Palace Amusement Company confirmed the shut down but said that the individuals who could provide a more detailed statement would not be in the island until next week.

While persons empathise with management's loss, several said it was a big blow to those who look to the movies as an alternative, especially at this time of year. "I am very sorry that it has closed it doors, now I will have to take my children to Kingston," remarked Mavis Bonnick, a Portmore resident. Her views were echoed by other persons who spoke with THE PORTMORE STAR.

"After growing used to coming to show here, especially on a Saturday it will be sadly missed, " remarked another lady while making her way through the mall.

Other persons are of the view that with the high prices at the cinemas, between $210 to $400, and the competition from cable TV and DVD's it was inevitable that movie houses would eventually start feeling the pinch.

Business persons on the Mall are of the belief that the closure of the cinema will invariably affect their business negatively as moviegoers who supported them will be going elsewhere.

December 10, 2005

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