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Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) posts bus schedules


A JUTC bus schedule on Caledonia Crescent in Cross Roads, St. Andrew. - RICARDO MAKYN

COMMUTERS ACROSS THE Corporate Area should find it easier to travel on Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) buses now that detailed schedules and timetables have been put up at selected bus stops.

The signs, which provide information such as the bus numbers, destinations, days and times of departures and arrivals, have so far been erected at seven bus stops in various sections of the city. Timetables have been posted along the Sir Florizel Glasspole Highway, Port Royal and North Parade, downtown, all in Kingston and Bedward Drive in August Town, Nine Miles, Bull Bay and Caledonia Crescent all in St. Andrew.

The timetables were promised to JUTC customers as part of the conditions under which the fare increase was granted. The company has made good on its promise and plans to erect at least two more schedules.

The response from commuters was varied. One young customer, Courtney, told THE STAR that in his case, the timetables "nuh mek no sense cause mi use to di bus dem already. The time part kinda helpful still but sometime did bus dem nuh come pan time, so it nuh really mek no sense."

Another said, "it important fi gi people a idea of how dem run still, dat good". He, however, admitted that the buses do not always 'keep schedule' and this takes away from the initiative.

December 13, 2005

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