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BUSY SIGNAL IS ENERGETIC, creative, "cross, like de godfather", yet jovial. Still, there is much more to the talented artiste.

He is 23-year-old, Reanno Gordon. He is an Aquarian born in St. Ann on January 24, 1982. Since then, he has also lived in Tivoli Gardens, Papine, Spanish Town and other areas in West and East Kingston.

As he moved around, so did he change schools. Busy has attended Mona High, Tivoli Gardens, Denham Town and Brown's Town Comprehensive High Schools. His explanation is simple,"Me busy from me small."

The artiste says school was mostly about fun for him. "Mi a knock pon bench, beat rhythms an a deejay Killer, Super Cat and Ninja Man dem song."WORST MEMORYSchool, however also carries with it his worst memory as a child.

"A certain principal tell me fe kneel pon me knee an beat me wid a big, fat leather belt an cause de family fi Rrrr," he explained.

However, he says he does want other students to follow in his footsteps. "Me can read an write an mi did done know wa mi wah do.""Mi nuh waan dem follow how me do my school ting dem time deh. Stay in school, get de highest level of education because it nuh free. I don't want dem waste a ting," the concerned artiste said.Busy had a lot to say about his mother whom he admits is his best friend. Though at the forefront of his memory are many scoldings he received, he laughs as he explains that through this, his mother always sought to guide him right."A nuff time me get box inna mi mout from mi modda. Give thanks to her fi de beating because you know nuff ting dey deh fi we stray as young people," he said.Busy Signal is among five children, four boys and a girl.Though he refuses to comment on his father, he did say,"Big up me fada anywhere im dey inna de world."This deejay has quite a few good childhood memories and told THE STAR about the one he considers as the best; "Wen me get me first girlfriend," he said laughing. "You know man an ooman we a hide behind de zinc fence." He also mentioned deejaying and "running boat" as other fond memories.The young artiste says there is currently no special woman in his life. "I'm searching. I need a special girl in my life right now because I don't waan live certain an certain life," he said.While searching for her, Busy says he will continue to pursue his second passion. "Mi like drive out more time. Go pon de highway, pay me toll an press gas," he said.

January 21, 2006

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