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Who was Daddigon?


Left: Daddigon - CONTRIBUTED. Right: Sean Paul - FILE

THE NAME 'DADDIGON' has received notable mention in recent songs performed by some of Jamaica's top international artistes like Sean Paul and Junior Gong. However, very little is known about who this individual actually was.

Daddigon, whose real name was Gabra Lambert, was well respected among his fellow musicians and friends for his conscious impact on dancehall music. Some say this was as a result of him being raised by the Twelve Tribes of Israel, a Rastafarian sect.

Sean Paul paid tribute to Daddigon in his song, Never Gonna Be The Same. Daddygon was apparently a fellow Dutty Cup crewmate who was murdered.

'Wish I could prevent all these end of times And bring back Daddigon a great brethren of mine I, sit an remember all the things that we spoke of All a di secret tings an all di tings we made joke of Still can't believe they took your life away But those who pull the trigger cannot take away

The covenant the righteous have with Jah Jah. So I know I'll see you again my brodda'.

Kid Kurrup, another member of the Dutty Cup Crew which also includes Sean Paul, Mossy Kid, Lugaman, and Chicken, says Daddigon was more than just a crew-member and fellow artiste.

'Is a friend, outside of being an artiste an di whole togetherness of doing music. He taught us righteousness weh spread to me an Sean. Even though him not here in flesh, spiritually and physically him still deh yah. Words can't explain, him show wi nuff ropes, mek wi guh tru di garrisons and show wi how di youts dem operate, him a di 'dutty' inna dutty cup. He was basically the one who started it (The Dutty Cup Crew),' Kid Kurrup said.

Kurrup added, 'it's unfortunate that the world never got to see his musical side.'

Racquel Reynolds, who managed Daddigon's career for three years described him as 'a natural inspiration, a real ghetto yout whose music evoked a consciousness in the people around him.'

Daddigon emerged in the late 80's, with his first single, Who's Gonna Help Me Light The Chalwa and later People Need To Respect Life. He also collaborated with TOK on In Your Eyes and Damion 'Junior Gong' Marley.

Junior Gong collaborated with Daddigon while he was working on the Ghetto Youths Tuff Gong Label on Give Them Some Way (2001). The song appeared on Gong's album Half-Way Tree that same year.

Daddigon's death was said to be a case of mistaken identity. According to Reynolds 'he was in a bar when gunmen came in and opened fire killing him, his chain was stolen, but later returned to his brother, saying it was the wrong person and they were sorry.'

A posthumous album is scheduled for release under the Fifth Element Label and will be called 'Black Bloodline', a name that Daddigon wanted.

March 16, 2006

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