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SOME RECENT CASES of high school mischief have now become incidents of child pornography, as footage of students performing sexual acts have been selling like 'hot bread' in the illegal DVD market.

Vendors in Liguanea, Cross Roads and Half Way Tree are reportedly peddling the DVDs of high school girls in sexually explicit activities for $350 to $500. Given that most of the footage were recorded on cellular phones, the vendors also offer the transferral of the videos to a buyer's phone, for about $50 (each).

"You can get the Bluetooth Express and the Chocolate Surprise from a guy in Liguanea near the pharmacy ... a friend says they're selling in Cross Roads too," said a female student of a well known high school.

The STAR team viewed two of the videos, each showing girls from prominent high schools performing oral sex on young men.

Chocolate Surprise, involves a 15-year-old girl spreading chocolate over the genitalia of a young man of a similar age, before performing the explicit act. The video was said to be taped using the camera of a cellular phone.

Bluetooth Express also involves a third form student of a very prominent high school, performing oral sex on a 16-year-old boy. The young man who released the video went even further to edit the song Jolly by Aidonia into the background of the footage, along with captions displaying the girl's name.

"Him was getting back at the girl for spreading a rumour seh him did .... her ... , so him an him fren dem spread di video," said a friend of the boy who filmed the footage, using the girl's own phone.

As reported in the Weekend STAR, the young girl was strongly disciplined by her mother (and brother), and forced to leave her school after the incident. It is said that she had left the island to go to school, but friends say she is returning to Jamaica to go back to her old school.


The 16-year-old boy however, was not affected by the incident (and actually lauded by peers), but according to the Centre For Investigation Of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA), he may be criminally liable.

"No report has been made of any of these incidents, so we can do nothing ... a report needs to be made so the boy can be charged for carnal abuse, so he may be brought before the courts and force him to produce the footage, and possibly have him act as a crown witness to prosecute the sellers," said Inspector Dutress Foster-Gardener, of CISOCA.

Although the sellers of these videos can also be criminally charged, many young students from schools across the corporate area are willing to take the risk, and sell the videos themselves.

"Everybody has the videos, because people at the school are selling them ... a girl at my school is selling the Bluetooth Express fi $30," said a female student.

Alphansus Davis, president of the Association of Principals and Vice Principals, when contacted by THE STAR said that; "I am just now hearing about these things ... I had no idea that such a thing has been going on."

He said, however, that: "It seems we have lost a whole generation, as their values, attitudes and morality have gone to the dogs ... they have seeped into their own traditions, so it's difficult to come up with a solution for the problem."

Dr. Grace Kelly, president of the Association of Guidance Counsellors in Education, said she felt low esteem was a key factor which drove students to become involved in sexual acts such as these. She said they might feel that by being taped they could increase their self worth.

She suggests that parents and adults seek to meet all the needs of their children to steer them away from this sort of activity. She also says parents should talk to their children about sexuality and teach them how to direct their sexual energies into other things such as sports.

March 23, 2006

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