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Stevie Face, back on track

TEINO EVANS, Staff Reporter


AFTER THE RELEASE of his debut album (Coming At You) in 2001, Stevie Face was well on his way to pursuing a promising career, but that plan was derailed when he suffered injuries in a car accident abroad. However, after being forced to sit out for a while, Stevie Face, real name Anwar Owen Hanchard, is back to pick up where he left off.

"I had an album out and was on a mini tour, 'Sizzla and Friends'. We were doing the West part of Florida, but I had a little accident and had severe injuries to my lower back. This basically kept me out of the business for a while because I had to do therapy and was in and out of Jamaica," Stevie Face recalled, adding, "I am now back in full force."

Since June, 2005, Stevie Face has found his way back into the recording studio and has released singles such as Poor Feel It on the Tropical rhythm, Eye To Eye, a cover song, and Good Love on the Milestone rhythm which has been getting good rotation on local radio.

"The reactions have been good, open arms, everybody glad to know that I'm actually singing again, everybody says it was long overdue," Stevie Face said.

Since returning to the music business, however, Stevie Face has also performed at Beenie Man's 'Summer Sizzle' in 2005, but has plans of doing much better the second time around.

"A jus more good music and the album is in the pipeline. Right now is to just get active in the streets and the studios again and that is what I'm doing," Stevie Face said.

Prior to his accident, Stevie Face had been known for doing songs like I'm In Love, Oh Happy Day, Teach The Children featuring Junior Kelly and Every Minute Every Day.

"A whole heap a song did a gwaan well fi mi and since I've been back, the support has been overwhelming an mi really appreciate it," Stevie Face said.

He is currently working on a number of songs and videos with the Arrows label and remains hopeful of regaining much more than what he had previously accomplished.

March 30, 2006

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