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DETERMINED to please - Artiste's earth strong celebration a hit



DETERMINE'S EARTH STRONG Celebration got off to a late start on Saturday night, but in some ways proved to be worth the wait.

The event, which was held at the Asylum Nightclub featured juggling by the Asylum deejays for most of the night. They started with some early '90s dancehall and worked their way up to current hits. At first the fans didn't seem to mind, but as time crawled by, some began getting restless. Finally, some minutes after 3 a.m., Determine hit the stage and started the night off with a female dance-off.The girls were competing for a pink Motorola Razr phone. The girls were shy at first, but when Determine brought out the phone, two went on stage and showed their best moves. If you've never seen the bouncing split-meets-dutty-wine, then you certainly missed your chance at the 'mad house'.


The crowd had a difficult time choosing a winner, so they were asked to do a rematch. They did so to Elephant Man's Wine Up Pon it. One contestant bounced her cheeks to the song as she wined to the ground - this pleased the patrons and they crowned her the winner and she was presented with the prize.

Soon after, the performances got started with some fresh acts including Runkus. As the night progressed, the fans went frantic as their favourite artistes hit the stage.

Junior Reid came out with his sons, Andrew and Wadda Blood of Young Bloodz and put the night into lyrical overdrive. "We want dem release di tape. Me hear seh artiste deh pon it, journalist deh pon it ..." he freestyled. The Young Bloodz didn't disappoint and performed their song Drop it Pon Dem and did a few freestyles on the same rhythm, which the fans loved.


Also hitting the stage was Natural Black in his khaki overalls and slippers. He did a few of his hits including, Far From Reality. Then came the lady, who has turned the term 'Mi Puttus' into a tag phrase; Ruffiann also performed her songs, including Make My Day, which the fans also enjoyed.

But when the crowd heard that 'The Alliance' was in the house, they couldn't wait. The first to hit the stage was New Kidz, and just when you thought the fans couldn't get any more excited, they did when the 'War Lord' Bounty Killer made his entrance. Bling Dawg and Aidonia also hit the stage and treated fans to snippets of their songs.

Some minutes after 5 a.m., Gyptian went on stage and there were still more performances to go. Those who attended Determine's 'earth day' celebration enjoyed two hours of performances and hours more of partying, and left with very little to complain about.

April 5, 2006

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