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Artistes disgusted about 'sex tapes'

BY TEINO EVANS, Staff Reporter


'People waan fi si di tape,

Leggo di tape, run di tape, buss di tape

Wa yuh a hold on pon di tape fa

I wonder if you deh pon it' (DYCR's Run 'D' Tape)

ARTISTES, INCLUDING DYCR, have expressed their concerns about sex tapes that were allegedly found in the home of Ambassador Peter King after his death. The 'sex tapes', which are said to feature men performing homosexual acts, have become a major source of interest for the public. However, what has become a public phenomenon also has implications for local entertainers. It has been rumoured that some local entertainers have starring roles and have made cameo appearances.

Some of the artistes with whom THE STAR spoke have expressed disappointment that such an accusation is being made against members of the entertainment fraternity. According to them the 'sex tape' scandal reflects negatively on the entire entertainment fraternity and what they stand for.

"As one within the whole music fraternity, is not really a good sound dat, yuh don't know who is who, it hard fi one come out an portray seh dem a gallis an end up pon di tape, wi nuh rate dat an that's why wi a seh leggo di tape," DYCR said.


Popular deejay Black-Er agrees. "It bad fi di whole of us, 'cause people a guh seh yea man, dem come pon stage a bun out certain ting an den behind closed doors dem a do dem ting deh. Di whole Jamaica know di real yout dem, cause dat a big disgrace, people a guh look pon it an seh di whole a dem a di same, but God always bring wah inna darkness to light," Black-Er said.

But don't expect him to add his voice to the chorus of entertainers begging for the tapes to be released. "I have to be focused on doing songs for my ladies," Black-Er said.

Veteran entertainer Junior Reid has also recorded a song called Di People Dem Caan Wait (fi si a who deh pon di tape) and according to him, "wi jus a bun dem out wid word-sound and power, wi mek a record a dem nastiness.

"It jus a show seh well, yuh have people inna di business weh a do Babylon works, a dem Babylon use all di while, Babylon sign dem an get dem funny, but Jah seh many are called but few are chosen. Yuh have some man weh send false message to di people dem," Reid said.

However, DYCR warns that the longer persons are left in the dark as to the identities on the 'tapes' the more the speculation will escalate.

"A whole heap a people mi hear deh pon di tape, some a dem, mi nuh si di reality of how dem coulda deh pon it, dat deh tape deh come in like a movie to di amount a people weh mi hear deh pon di tape. Right yah now, once all somebody vex wid somebody yuh hear seh dem deh pon di tape," DYCR said.

Kiprich, another artiste who recorded a song, Show Di Tape, says he was inspired to do a song because it was an issue that was beginning to affect innocent people.

"It's shocking, mi shock when mi hear dat artiste deh pon di tape, an di nex ting, mi nuh know wah fi believe, suh me believe seh di tape fi leak a road an wi get fi si who an who deh pon it, mek di people dem know what is what. It only fair fi di people dem know who dem a jump up for a stage show, because dem only a mislead people. Di part a it weh mi nuh like a when people have a personal vendetta against somebody an draw other people inna it," Kiprich said.

Artistes, are however, aware that if the identities of the entertainers who are allegedly on the 'tape' are revealed, it could mark the end of their career.


"Yuh done know Jamaica people how dem homophobic, di artiste career woulda end, dem caan guh no weh inna Jamaica guh perform, yuh know how di crowd stay," Black-Er said, adding "an Jamaican artiste lick out suh hard 'gainst dat?"

DYCR agrees, saying, "when di tape buss, some man haffi guh climb a tree an hang on to its driest limb, while some gonna have to put stone around dem neck an head for di sea and others betta guh throw themself before a moving vehicle, because it shall be worse than when di three seven clash."

And the contents of the tapes might end a few friendships as well. DYCR also said that if he were friends with any artiste who is on the tape, "mi woulda haffi guh show dem seh hear wa brethren, yuh haffi guh escape cause wi caan flex wid no one pon di tape."

Kiprich says no matter which entertainer is on the 'tape', 'friend or no friend', "dem haffi guh run weh man, dah link deh woulda haffi cut off, wi believe inna God, nuh dem corruption deh."

April 12, 2006

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